3 Tackle Storage Systems for Boats that are Easy to Install

Tackle Storage Systems for Boats - The best boat tackle storage solutions

Tackle storage systems for boats are great to have when you don’t want your items to clutter all over the deck. They should be waterproof and have great resistance to humidity and other exterior factors.

We totally recommend them to be used on your boat as it will free up valuable space. Since boats cost quite a bit and space is limited, the price per square foot can be quite high.

Therefore, safely put away all your things and you will be able to find them easily when you need them. Not to mention the vast amount of space you are saving.

Why and when should you use marine storage containers?

There are a number of reasons why you should use them. We’ll go and describe some of them in this paragraph.

  • Obviously, you should only get these boxes if you have a boat. It can be a small boat or a bigger one, just make sure the size of the box is appropriate for the size of the boat. Too big and it will take too much space, too small and you won’t be able to fit everything inside.
  • Consider what you want to store. Is it fishing accessories? Then go for containers with a lot of dividers and many small storage spaces. If your items are bigger, go for something larger with appropriate storage space.
  • Conditions on the sea can be rough. So materials have to be very good to resist constant sunlight, humidity, and salty atmosphere. Go for quality rather than seeing you storage box break apart.
  • Go for waterproof boxes. It will definitely help at some point.

Tackle box storage systems

Most boats that have a fair dimension have various slots so you can incorporate storage boxes or even appliances. Tackle box manufacturers know this therefore they try and build their products with this in mind.

So first step would be to look at your boat and check where these spaces exist. Then measure the size and see what will fit. You might be able to cut a bit more and fit a bigger box but only do this if you have experience.

We would advise you first check this with a boat specialist if you are not one. 

Which boat tackle storage should I buy

We have selected 3 choices that we think cover most budgets and needs.

While the first two are just different in color, the 3rd one is a different model altogether.

DPI Marine 1317 White Tackle Center – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • First of all, there are 2 models of this item. This model is the white one, and it works well if the area where you fit it is the same color.
  • Outside dimensions are 13” in height x 17.5 Inches in Width x 10.5 inches in depth
  • Inner dimensions are 11 inches x 16 inches.
  • It comes with a standard door that can be bought separately if, for example, you break yours.

DPI Marine 1317 Black Tackle Center – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • It is 13 inches by 17.5 inches by 10.5 inches in depth. 
  • Inner dimensions are exactly the same as for the white model, 11 inches x 16 inches.
  • The standard door that comes with the box is in black. Same goes for the margins around it. It is perfect if you want to install it in an area that is black or in a dark color.

Tempress White 1115 Cam Tackle Hatch – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • Size of 13 inches x 23.25 inches x 11 inches.
  • It can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
  • The color of the door is dark gray.

How to install the DPI Marine Tackle Center

Step 1: Before you buy the storage system, check your boat for enough space to install it. It is important to also check the depth, as the tackle storage box will have to go inside.

Step 2: Buy the tackle storage system. Once it arrives, unpack it and check for the mounting instructions.

Step 3: Get drilling tools. You will need a drilling machine with different sizes and an electric jigsaw.

Step 4: The instructions will let you know what you have to do exactly. Basically, there will be a paper with drilling instructions. Lay the paper over the place where you want to install the tackle box and drill.

Step 5: After drilling the 4 corners, use the electric jigsaw and move from corner to corner. Do this until you have cut the necessary space.

Step 6: Insert the box into the space you have cut. That will show you where to insert the self-tapping screws. That allows you to stick the box to the boat wall.

TOP TIP: Use Silicone Sealant before you insert the tackle box and use the self-tapping screws. This will prevent water from entering around the box.

Step 7: Insert the self-tapping screws and you should be good to go. Maybe wait a bit for the silicone to dry out and seal around your box completely.

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