Travel Toolbox | The Best Portable Tool Box in 2018

5 Perfect Travel Toolbox Choices You Can Make in 2018

If you travel a lot and have a lot of tools that you need to carry with yourself for later use, you must be wanting to ease your journey by getting the perfect travel toolbox for you.

You definitely need convenience for that in the form of one item that can enclose all your vital tools – a good, portable travel toolbox can make a lot of difference for you. It would help you organize your tools in a compact way so that you don’t have to search for them when you need them.

A travel toolbox comes in different sizes and shapes, all intended to serve different purposes. Several brands work on producing toolboxes that are not limited to just the portable toolbox – ones that can be carried anywhere and can accommodate several essential tools you need.

If you don’t require one of this category and need to put several tools, you probably should look for a large spacious travel tool bag or even travel toolboxes with wheels might prove to be helpful in making organized compartments, all catering a particular case, resulting in no worries for the security of your tools.

To narrow down your choices there’s a list of a number of toolboxes that are useable in different needs. You should take a look at our suggested options, they might help you make a decision.

A Self-sufficient toolbox

BOSTITCH BTST19802 Rolling Tool Box – Check the price on Amazon Now

Getting just the right kind of portable tool box isn’t very easy. If you are looking for an easily transferable option in the form of a travel toolbox with wheels, Bostitch BTST19802 shouldn’t be far from matching your requirements.

It’s the perfect middle road for anyone to take if you don’t need a small toolbox or a very heavy toolbox. This toolbox serves multiple purposes; it allows you to segregate the tools which helps you in better organization. The bottom drawer is the best for larger tools and the top drawers can easily accommodate smaller tools.

This toolbox allows you to carry 70 pounds of tools in this box. It has got wheels and rubber hand for easy carrying and can withstand a lot of weight. The toolbox is very stable even on uneven surfaces as its bottom creates friction with the surface and doesn’t slip. However, don’t put on great heights because it can hurt if it falls on anyone.

Too much in a small package

DEWALT DWST08203H Tough System Case – Check the price on Amazon Now

If you are not in need of a large toolbox because you have limited number of tools and are in need of a portable tool bag or a portable tool box to carry for your tool kit, Dewalt DS 300 should be your choice.

It has a single compartment that can keep your portable tool kit. Also, it ensures the safety of your tools because of the extra protection in its exterior. Its exterior is made of durable, four-millimeter thick foam wall. A water seal is sandwiched in between the lid and box to prevent moisture from coming in contact with the tools.

Additionally, the box is compatible with DeWalt’s tough system metal carrier. You can secure it using the central locking mechanism if you just latch into the carrier. The best part is that you can expand your storage capacity using the tough system.  

A cost-efficient resilient toolbox

Excel TB109-Black 14-Inch Portable Steel Tool Box – Check the price on Amazon Now

If budget is an important factor in your decision-making of the travel toolbox, you’ll need to prioritize the tools you want to carry along. The Excel TB109 – Black is a very simple portable toolbox; the single metal box provides you with an interior space of 4.5 x 14.2 x 5.9 inches.

You don’t have to question its reliability because its exterior can withstand many different atmospheres. Its metal surface is coated with a powder paint that is scratch – and chemical-resistant.

The easy-grip handle will keep the box secure in your hands as you carry it around, while the piano hinge will prevent the lid from flying open. The strength of the latch is also good enough to keep everything intact while the toolbox is in motion.  

Spacious & organized inside  

Excel TB133A-Red 21-Inch Portable Steel Tool Box – Check the price on Amazon now

For simplicity and reliability, you should always be looking for a large steel travel toolbox. It has its risks in the form of denting and rusting, steel is still a very trustable choice for a lot of tool boxes, especially if you are in need of volume or convenience of most expensive boxes at an extremely affordable price.

Excel’s TB133A – Red box helps you compartmentalize and organize your tools because of the structure of the drawers present inside.

This box comes with three tool drawers and a top hinge lid for four separate storage spaces. Each drawer is capable of dividing the space, which would help you organize your tools as you like.

Its reliability can be measured from the powder coat paint on its exterior which prevents it from rusting without adding any extra weight.

Massive and a long lifespan, for the professionals

DeWalt DWST33090 Contractor Storage Chest – Check the price on Amazon Now

If you are in the market for a beefier means of lugging around your tools, the Dewalt tool chest is the right travel toolbox for you.

This portable tool chest is the bigger cousin to that simple tool box you may have lying around at home, and for good reason, the Dewalt Contractor Chest offers a whopping 88-pound load capacity. Moving this beast of a box around on its massive seven inch wheels is like hauling a mini trailer around behind you and it leaves other travel tool bags seeming rather inadequate by comparison.

The interior offers enough space for any number of tools, parts, materials, screws, bolts, bits and bobs you may conceivably want to store within it. The telescopic, full metal pull handle assists in maneuvering this goliath of a chest and pulls it as you move.

Whilst this option may not offer the same degree of organization and customization as the other contenders on this list, certain basic options are still provided and may he availed like a three-position tray for small parts. This tray is even capable of folding out from the main container to give you some much needed additional surface area to store tools as you get to work.

When everything is packed up and sealed shut, the IP43 water-resistant exterior will ensure your tools scoff at the threat posed by moisture, rain, puddles and all other wet dangers that could damage the tools. All in all, the Dewalt Contractor chest offers a solid option for those looking for more of a bang for their buck.

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