Air conditioner under $150? Find the best one right now!

If you are looking for an air conditioner under 150$ you are in the right place.

We also hate the hot summer days when we need to get an AC unit, but we are also on a budget.

From the start, I must tell you that this is not an easy task. Except for some units or other hugely discounted ones, there will be some work to find one that can cool you down inside this budget.

Should you get an air conditioner under 100$ or go above that price?

As interesting as this might sound, except for some refurbished units, we could not find a decent air conditioner under 100$.

While there are some interesting options, none will actually keep you cool properly.

We don’t want to waste your time, so let’s get straight to the point.

The cheapest option – Liecho Personal Mini Air-cooler 

This item is often advertised as a mini air conditioner. In fact, how it works is that it uses a fan to blow air over the water that you pour into it. So if you have really cold water, you might be able to have cold air. S

So you should not buy this item for the following reasons:

  • It is too small for most of the rooms out there. You really have to be in a very small space to feel it.
  • You will have to pour very cold water into the machine to feel some cold air. It isn’t an actual air conditioner.
  • The item works with USB, and just by hearing that you know it can’t have enough power.

Under 100 dollars but still not good enough – Cost way Evaporative Air Cooler

While a better proposition than the Liecho model, this item does not make any sense as an air conditioner. Why? Because it’s price point is very very close to an actual air conditioner.

  • It will not cool the air enough. You need to constantly fill it with near-freezing water to get some cold air. This can become annoying.
  • The price is not big, but there are window air conditioner units that are not more expensive and do a way better job.

The air conditioner under 150$ you should buy

While all the air conditioning units we will show you are under 150$, you will need to spend a bit over 100 to get the best one.

Yes, I know 100$ can be a critical figure, and trust me, I would not want to go over it. But sometimes you don’t have a choice. For air conditioners, we haven’t seen one under 100$ that can really do the job.

Whirlpool 5000 Btu – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • This air conditioner fits perfectly into your window and is rated for 5000 BTU.
  • The grounded plug uses a 115V power outlet.
  • We recommend it for rooms of up to 150 sq. Ft. It also does dehumidification up to 1.06 pints per hour.
  • The system uses 2 mechanical rotary knobs and has 2 fan speeds.
  • It has a very interesting feature that lets it turn on automatically after a power cut.

hOmeLabs 500 BTU Window Air-Con – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • This great little air conditioner of 5000BTU, for indoor spaces of up 150 square feet. It’s great for a bedroom, a small apartment or even an RV.
  • This window AC system comes with a kit that includes a filter, a support bracket, side panel covers and window seal. It also includes the user guide for drip-free installation.
  • We love the 7-speed option and the two-way airflow. The adjustable fan setting lets it cool down hot rooms in under 10 minutes or even less.
  • The filter is reusable and can be easily washed with warm water. We recommend you vacuum it first and then use a mix of water and dish soap. Let it dry before you install it again.

Other air conditioner units around 150$

There is another model which slightly over 150$. The Della 5000BTU is around 5$ over this budget, depending on the current offers on Amazon.

We can’t say it brings more or less than the above models bring to the table so what we suggest is to always be on the lookout for offers.

Out of the 3, what we would is to buy the model that is currently at a promotional price. If you can’t find a promotional price when you purchase, just get the hOmeLabs 5000 BTU model and you will be fine.

It is below your budget and will do its job just fine.

DELLA 5000 BTU Window Air Conditioner – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • It’s another 5000BTU Air conditioning unit, as you would expect from this price point. Great for bedrooms, dorm rooms, and small apartments. It has a relatively quiet operation.
  • The AC settings are adjustable with a 7-speed adjustable level. Also, the 2-speed fan helps for recirculating air and you can adjust it by the dials installed.
  • As with the other models, the filter is reusable, can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and can be washed. We recommend you let it dry first before reinstalling it.
  • You can maintain the preset room temperature, between 60°F and 88°F.
  • The installation kit comes with just about all the items you need to make a tight fit around your window. This way you can be sure heat won’t come rushing in.

Is an air conditioner under 150$ worth it?

I guess it all depends on what you want to use the air conditioning unit for.

These items are great to have when you have a smaller apartment, or you just want to cool down a room that is around 150 square feet.

I think they could also work for relatively larger rooms, but don’t expect too much in such cases.

If you are using it for what it was built for, an air conditioner under 150$ is well worth it and you should give it a try.

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