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Shipping Boxes for Bikes - The best Bicycle Shipping Containers

Shipping boxes for bikes are great to use when you don’t want to totally strip off your bike for transport. They allow for easy loading and shipping of bicycles, even if you don’t know much about them.

Shippers are notorious for charging extra fees to ship items such as bicycles. These boxes bring standardization into the process, therefore saving you money and providing safety during transport.

How to package a bike for courier

Before talking about bike shipping boxes we have to talk packaging. Even if you are using a cardboard box for transport, you still need to prepare the bike for shipping.

Step 1 – Loosen the handlebar alignment screw and turn the handlebar until it aligns perfectly with the wheel. Then gently tighten the alignment screw. Don’t overdo it. Just enough to hold the handlebar into place.

Remember: The handlebar has to be at 90 degrees compared to how it would be when riding the bicycle. At this point, the bike should fit in the box.

Step 2 – Identify what elements need extra protection. First of all go for the shifters, front, and rear, elements around the chain, shifting levers and brake levers also. If you have other valuable items in other places on the bike, also mark them.

Remember: If you want you can also remove the pedals. It all depends on how big your box is. If you do take them off, you can install them the other way, to save on space. 

Step 3 – Go ahead and bubble wrap each element you identified in step 2. If you find something valuable around the seat, first lower down the seat, and then go ahead and bubble wrap it.

Step 4 – Now that you have bubble wrapped most elements that need protection, you should go and strap moving parts. This prevents them from moving in the box and just allows for easier packaging.

Step 5 – Insert the bike into the box, and make sure it does not move inside. You can fill the empty spaces with paper or other soft materials.

Step 6 – Close the shipping box. Tighten with duct tape or even stretch foil and you are done.

What you should pay attention to when packing a bike

  • First of all, make sure things are not moving inside the box. This includes bicycle moving parts, or even the entire bike moving in the box.
  • Fill out most empty spaces you find in the box with soft materials. These will cushion the bike for most shocks that occur during shipping.
  • Remember to protect valuable parts such as brake or gear levers, including shifters.
  • A special care should be invested in covering the disk brakes and protecting calipers. On the one hand, these need special protection, but the braking disk itself could potentially harm your hand. It is razor sharp so beware how you handle it.
  • Last but not least, take a good look at your packed bike. Make sure nothing is sticking out and the bike is just generally well protected.
  • Use common sense for packaging, just as you would with other items, and you will be fine.

Bicycle shipping containers and bags

There are various shipping solutions for bikes on the market. We will try and show you our choice of shipping boxes for different bicycles, sizes, and needs.

Cardboard box for shipping bikes – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • This box has the interior dimensions of 54 inches x 8 inches x 28 inches.
  • It will fit most bicycles of this size. At 28 inches it is also quite wide and that allows fitting even mountain bikes with thicker suspension forks.
  • It is cheap to buy and because of the flat shape, it allows for cheap and easy shipping.
  • Always check how heavy your bike is. The heavier it is, the more care you have to invest in packing it.

Our Tip: Use it for shipping or storage. For personal transport of your bike, you should get a bike travel case.

Bike travel case – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • The dimensions of this bag are 53 inches x 31 inches x 15 inches.
  • It’s made of a softer material, therefore it allows for some level of reshaping if needed. For example, fitting the bag in the full trunk of a car.
  • We like the protective padding that offers a safe environment for important parts. They also sell it with predesigned spaces for storage. For example, the wheel has it’s own special place.
  • While the cost is significantly higher than for a cardboard box, we would use this case for a different purpose.

Our Tip: This case should be used for personal transport of bikes or in some cases for air travel. For general shipping use cardboard boxes for bikes.

Folding bike travel bags

There are very good ways to ship or transport folding bikes. Considering the main advantage of the folding bike is the small space it needs when folded, you will carry it around.

Therefore, we always recommend you try and use travel bags, as they allow for easier portability for your folding bike. Another positive aspect is that they help you keep your car and yourself clean when carrying foldable bikes.

Folding bike travel bag – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • Suitable for 14 inches to 20 inches folding bikes.
  • Built from polyester fibers, it has a good quality and will resist with time.
  • We love the adjustable strap, as it allows us to easily carry it on the shoulder.
  • We recommend using a travel bag, as it allows you to keep your clothes clean while carrying it.
  • The travel bag comes with a bag pouch, that facilitates the easy storage of the travel bag when it is not used.

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