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Are you running out of Xerox 3655 toner?

If you are like us, you would probably just go to your colleagues and ask what to do.

We have prepared a little guide for buying Xerox 3655 toner. After you read this, all your future acquisitions will be much smoother and way clearer than before.

What kind of Xerox 3655 toner should I buy

There are 3 alternatives of Xerox 3655 toner cartridges from which you can choose.

  1. Xerox 3655 Standard Capacity Black toner cartridge – Check the price on Amazon Now
  2. Extra High Capacity Xerox 3655 toner cartridge – Check the price on Amazon Now
  3. Remanufactured Xerox 3655 Toner – We do not recommend it.

Original standard Xerox 3655 toner cartridge

  • The code of this toner is Xerox 106R02736 and it is a black toner cartridge.
  • Xerox rates it for 6100 pages. The volume can significantly vary depending on printing coverage.
  • If you print images, it will definitely last less than 6100pages. We think this value is rated for 5% coverage ( text + graphics )
  • Being OEM toner, it will not affect other parts in the printing process.

Original Extra High Capacity Xerox 3655 toner cartridge

  • The code for this toner is Xerox 106R02740 and it’s a black high capacity toner.
  • Please note that you should first check if it fits your equipment.
  • The rated capacity of printing is around 25000 pages. This is 4 times your standard cartridge at about half the price.
  • Probably the best choice if you do a bit more printing as the costs are cut by 50%.

I want to use remanufactured Laser toner Cartridges

We highly advise you don’t do that. As we see it, there is definitely good aftermarket toner which could be used as a compatible product. 

But the real problem is that without trial and error, you will never know if it’s good for your machine. The only reason manufacturers still sell original toner, is because remanufactured toner doesn’t work for any laser printer. Genuine xerox workcentre toner is a bit expensive, but at least it known quantity. 

A compatible version toner works in some equipment, it does not work in others. Please check below a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t risk your machine with aftermarket toner. 

  • The source of the toner. With remanufactured toner, you are buying from a third party the toner made by someone else. For all you know, it can just as well be something else inside that feels like genuine Xerox toner. We have seen this happen. 
  • Printing quality will most likely be affected. That means either faded prints or overtoned prints. For a color printer you will definitely see a drop in printing quality.
  • Unfused prints. We’ve all seen that printed text that just vanishes when you touch it. That happens when the toner needs a higher temperature to stick to the paper. 
  • It can damage your drum cartridge, developer housing and other items in your printer. A new drum cartridge costs a lot of money. A developer housing plus the developer are even more. Literally, NON-OEM toner can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. 
  • Some manufacturers will void the printers warranty if you use compatible cartridges.

Where should I buy the Xerox 3655 toner from

If you are on a service contract, your supplier should be delivering the toner cartridges for Xerox and other printer supplies. 

If you are not on a service contract, the best choice from our point of view would be to purchase it from Amazon. But when you do, first check who is selling the item. On the Amazon marketplace you will find different suppliers selling different things. 

What you can also find are different Xerox partners. They will sell you toner at very good prices, and if needed, they might also be able to support you with service calls if needed. Some of them will also sell other office equipment you might find interesting. 

Our recommendation would be to choose such suppliers, as they are reliable and well proven. Xerox tests them each year, so you at least know they stand behind their products. 

Installing the Xerox 3655 toner

Congratulations on your purchase. The Xerox 3655 is a great little machine so buying original toner for it will extend her working life quite significantly. 

The installation of the toner is pretty simple, just like with any Xerox machine. 

  1. When the toner is near the end of it’s working life a message will be displayed on the screen. Order a new one when you see this message.
  2. At the end of its life, the machine will stop, and will not print until the toner is replaced. 
  3. The display will tell you what door to open and how to pull out the old toner. 
  4. Unwrap the new toner and insert it back in the machine. 
  5. Close the toner door and confirm the replacement on the screen. 
  6. Pack the old toner into the box and send it for recycling. 
  7. You are now ready to print again. 

As you can see, installing the Xerox 3655 toner is pretty simple, and any user can do it. 

Good luck and keep printing on your Xerox 3655 or Xerox Workcentre 3655i. 

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