Golf Club Shipping Box | Easy packing and shipping in 2019

Boxes for Shipping Golf Clubs - Safe packaging for your golfing items

A golf club shipping box is a must when you want to safely transport your gear. Whether you pack your clubs directly or you want to pack your golf travel box, a corrugated box is the most efficient solution.

These boxes are specifically built to fit most golf-related items that you need to get shipped. It is the best way to ship golf clubs, bags or other sports equipment. 

And for any precious shipment, handle the packaging yourself, don’t take it to a service store until it can be safely shipped. If they do call you, except the package being late, you don’t want to hear about any damage that has happened.

No Box Nr. of Clubs Inside dimensions Number of boxes Price
1 Box for Small Clubs

2 without bubble protection on them 4″ by 4″ and Up to 40″ length 25 Check The Price on Amazon Now
2 Box for Standard Clubs

5 with bubble wrap protection Up to 48″ 25 Check The Price on Amazon Now
3 Large Box for Clubs

15 with bubble wrap protection up to 48″ 10 Check The Price on Amazon Now

Best way to ship golf clubs

Having a cardboard box is not enough, you will have to do some packaging and get packing supplies. A good packaging job will facilitate the safe arrival of your package at the destination of choice. It could be different golf courses, customers or a certain storage warehouse. 

Even if golf clubs are made of metal, working on the packaging is still required. What we have seen is different items get bent when accidents happen during transport. A set of golf clubs faces the same risks if not packed properly. So our article will give you simple and efficient info on how to do it. 

The improper packaging also leads to scratches or paint being removed from the golf club. You want the surface of the golf club to remain as it was before. You don’t have to be like packing experts, just use common sense when preparing to ship your golf clubs. 

The alternative to a corrugated golf club box is a special golf travel bag. It costs a bit more, but if you travel a lot with your clubs, it might be a better choice. I personally think that it’s a travel bag rather than a bag to ship your items, but I guess it works fine both ways.

CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover – Check the price on Amazon Now

Major risks when shipping golf clubs

There are a number of risks involved which shipping valuable items such as golf clubs or related products. As you probably know even standard golfing equipment is quite expensive not to mention special equipment.

  • Even though Golf clubs won’t break we have seen some items severely bent during shipping.
  • Shiny Chrome or custom paintings tend to be affected while shipping if the packaging is not done properly.
  • In proper packaging can lead to some items falling out of the box. In such cases, if you’re lucky, some items will arrive at the destination. We have seen cases in which none of the items arrived. Items fell out of the box during transport.
  • It will be difficult to prevent theft but if you use a cardboard box this is easier to seal. You will easily notice if someone tried or broke your seal. This way you can let the shipper know immediately that someone tried or open your package during shipping.

Packing and SHIPPING golfing products 

You will need to prepare the packaging of golf clubs, more or less like you do with other shipment. The better you do the packaging, the safer your items will be during shipping.

The items we need are bubble wrap, stretch foil, and standard duct tape. Using a good duct tape will help but the standard one will do the trick anyway.

It also depends if you’re using a Golf bag or not. If you already have a golfing bag, then it will be easier. Just search online and find a cardboard box that will fit your golf bag. After you find one, just take the golf bag and wrap it in stretch foil or if the cardboard box is big enough you can use some bubble wrap.

After this, just insert the bag into the cardboard box and make sure it does not move around inside of it. If the bag moves, try to fill the gaps with material that will prevent movement and also cushion the bag inside. 

Sometimes, there were cases in which because the bag was constantly moving inside the box, at one point it moved so hard that it was thrown outside the cardboard box. This won’t probably happen to you, but it’s better to be on the safe side and make sure the package arrives in one piece at the location you need. 

Preparing golf items when you don’t have a special bag

Everyone knows how to insert things into a cardboard box. The toughest thing will be to prepare the clubs before you throw them in the box.

You don’t need special packaging supplies, just use common sense. Normal wrapping paper, bubble wrap and standard adhesive tape.

Step 1 – You will take each individual golf club and put it in wrapping paper. Normal wrapping paper should do it. Just go 3-4 times around it and it should be fine.

Step 2 – Use bubble wrap and cover the entire golf club in it. Don’t use too much on each individual club, as it will be difficult to fit more inside a single box. So go once around it and then secure the bubble wrap with duct tape.

Step 3 – Secure the bubble wrap onto the golf club using stretch foil. Go carefully around the entire area as this will prevent the bubble wrap from falling. Try to stretch it as hard as possible, as this will also reduce the general size of the bubble wrap on the club.

Step 4 – Insert the golf clubs into the tall corrugated boxes one by one. After that go and fill the empty spaces between and around the golf clubs. This will prevent them from moving inside the box. Don’t secure the box just yet, do tests to see if the items move inside of it. When they don’t, you can go on and secure it with duct tape.

Step 5 – The last step will be to reinforce the tall shipping boxes. I use stretch foil to make sure the box will not accidentally open during shipping.

Congratulations! You have successfully packed your golf club set for shipping. Find the nearest UPS store locations or call another shipping company let them know you’ve got boxes to ship.

What kind of boxes should I use for golf equipment

Well, again, it all depends on what you are trying to ship. Are you trying to ship an empty golf bag or one full of clubs? Or you don’t have a golf bag and you are shipping golf clubs independently.

You will have to analyze the size of the box, the shape and what is the resistance of the box. These characteristics are all important when you are trying to make sure your items arrive safely at the destination.

Boxes for 1 or 2 clubs – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • They are smaller boxes but are long enough to fit most golf clubs.
  • Perfect when you are trying to ship 1 or 2 clubs at most. You could probably fit 3 inside if you skip on the packaging.
  • If you own a golf shop or have a golf club store then you probably need or most likely already use such a box.

Boxes for 5 or more golf clubs – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • This box will hold up to 14 x 14 inches. That is a space big enough for a lot of golf clubs.
  • The approximate number is 5 – 6 considering you will also do proper packaging for each golf club.
  • You will need to secure the box properly when shipping it. Remember, the box carries a bit of weight, therefore you have to make sure the items don’t pop out during transport.

Large Boxes for Golf Bags – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • This box is very big and you will be able to insert a golf bag directly inside of it.
  • The exact size you can fit is 18 x 18 inches, which is quite a lot, to be honest.
  • Please secure it properly before shipping, using stretch foil and good duct tape.

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