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The best storage box with wheels and extendable handle

A good storage box with wheels and extendable handle will definitely make your life easier.

Problem with storage boxes always comes a bit later. You’d just wish you have a box on wheels. Or even better, a trunk on wheels. That is both easy to move and can resist to just about any shock.

What we can guarantee

A storage box with wheels and extendable handle is used to store different things in an organized matter while allowing you to easily move them around the storage space. The wheels allow for easy movement, while the handle lets you pick it up without risking injury, especially under heavy loads. 

Injury can occur while when moving things around. These boxes reduce this risk significantly because manufacturers are building them with the ease of use in mind.

Where could I use them? 

You could use these boxes and trunks with wheels in many places, but here are just a few ideas:

  • In workshops for carrying different parts, tools or even consumables.
  • Logistics areas are full of such bins and boxes because they use them to move stuff around or even for shipping.
  • I am sure everyone has seen such a box used in a concert area to store different sound systems or tools.

storage trunk with wheels

A storage trunk is usually the type of box that should be used either in logistics or in entertainment areas. They are the type of boxes that allow you to store, carry but also safely ship products.

Some parents buy such trunks for their children when they head to college. This is also a good tip, considering the environment can lead to damage of personal goods.

  • You should look for storage trunks that have metal edges around them. These allow for greater resistance to shocks and drops.
  • The outside material also has to be something that withstands shocks. Velvet ones look the best but they won’t resist. A more plastic material as a cover could improve the resistance significantly.
  • Last but not least, look for a size that will fit what you need to carry around. Also, think about storage when it is not used.

Our recommendation for such a storage trunk with wheels:

Seward Trunk 30-Inch Footlocker with Wheels – Check price on Amazon now

Rhino Armor Camp & College Trunk – Check price on Amazon now

storage bin with wheels and handle

If you are not thinking of moving things around too much, then this is a better choice than the trunk. It is usually made to store things and move them around, but still limited in this sense. While for most cases it will allow for easy shipping, you can still get the odd damage if you insist on constantly shipping it around.

The better sense of this bin is to have it in your storage space and move it around in there. Both the wheels and the handle will allow for relatively easy moving inside your storage space. At the same time, you will definitely store heavier things inside of it than in a storage trunk.

Advantages of storage bins with wheels and handle

  • Large storage capacity. Quite heavy duty if you are moving it around in a decent manner.
  • Because of the wheels and handle it will be relatively easy to move it around, even under heavier load.
  • It keeps your storage space in order. You can throw just about anything in there and close it. Easy to keep everything clean.
  • Because it is usually made out of rigid material, it is water and dustproof.

If you want something for home use, then below you will find our recommended product. This also applies for light office use.

Advantus Rolling Storage 15-Gallon – Check price on Amazon now

If you want to store other things at home, go to our article on best archival boxes for books. Also, we have an article on the best storage boxes for photos.

plastic storage containers with wheels and handle for tools

In this category, we have the special storage containers that are made for tools. They help you keep track of light hardware, without risking to misplace them. I had it so many times when a screwdriver went missing and I had to search for it all day.

Advantages of plastic storage containers for tools

  • You can easily move them around because of the wheels and handles. If you have an issue just drag it to that place.
  • Easy access to all of your tools. I am sure you also had situations where more tools were needed than you imagined.
  • It allows for focus on the actual job rather than focusing on finding the things you need. You will not waste time anymore.

Our recommendation for these products :

Trademark Tools Oversized Portable – Check price on Amazon Now

Stanley FatMax Mobile Station – Check price on Amazon now

RIDGID Professional Storage Organizer – 3 toolbox Combination – Check price on Amazon now

heavy duty storage containers with wheels

This last category involves only storage containers for extreme uses. These will allow you to move things around all day and also keep the integrity of the boxes intact.

  • The first product we recommend is the one below. It features heavy resistance but it does not have a cover.
  • We suggest you use this for high loads and in specialized storage areas.
  • Yes, it will also work at home, but you will need a lot of space to use it.

Box Packaging Giant Stackable Wheels – Check price on Amazon now

The second type of product we recommend is one with a cover. It doesn’t offer the same loading capacity as the one above but will be easier to use at home.

  • It features a handle, it has wheels and is also covered and can be locked properly. These are all good selling points.
  • Does not provide the same storage capacity as the Box Packaging Giant, but it is easier to use at home. At 42 gallons it is not small either.
  • You can ship it, providing you don’t overload it and the shipper takes decent care of it.

Remington Heavy Duty Rolling Tote – Check price on Amazon now 

When you have to take a decision on a storage box with wheels and extendable handle, remember what you’ve learned in this article. Focus on the purpose of the box, where you will be using it and what you will store inside of it.

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