The best Archival Storage Boxes for Photos – Keep your pictures safe

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If you need archival storage boxes for photos you are in the right place.

Such archival boxes have to meet certain industry standards to safely store your photos. Some storage boxes for photographs are built from materials that don’t affect the longevity of your photos. Usually, they protect pictures from major hazards such as light, dust or even lint from constant touching.

What is the role of archival storage boxes for photos

As we mentioned above, the role of such storage boxes is to keep your photos safe and organized. We have seen a lot of people damaging or even losing valuable memories because of negligent use.

Also, having your pictures placed in a certain space makes it easy for you to retrieve them. Just imagine having people over and not finding the photos from your last overseas trip. With these storage containers, they should be where you think they are.

Major hazards for photographs

Dust – It is probably the main factor of stress. Dust won’t necessarily damage your photos directly. But if you combine it with the constant touching of photos it can do quite a bit of harm. In this sense, photos might get a tint of color which nobody wants on photos.

Lint – Photos should be shown to everyone. At the same time, you will constantly touch them and make them sticky with time. When a photo gets really sticky, it will definitely start getting stains. Again, you don’t want that happening to your photographs.

Scratches – If your photos are in a bag or not protected at all, they will get scratched easily. The moment you start moving them around your room they will start getting scratches. How many cases you know that valuable photos are all scratched. I know with my photos it used to happen a lot.

Types of archival storage boxes for photos

We will go through the different types of storage solution for photography. You can choose from these based on your needs and also the volume of photos. Sometimes also the design will be a major aspect.

Acid-free photo storage envelopes

These are envelope based solutions. They might or might not feature a clear frame through which you can see what pictures you are storing. They feature an index on the back where you can usually write what photos are in there. For example, your summer trip to Hawai in 2017.

Being acid-free you know that at least the packaging hazard is minimal. There is chemistry going on there, but at least you reduce the effects of using acid-free.

Our choice for 7×5 photos :

John Porter Everyday Archival Photo Envelopes Check the price on Amazon now

Our choice for larger photos

Gaylord Archival Family Archives Document Preservation KitCheck the price on Amazon now

Cardboard photo storage boxes with dividers

The biggest advantage for these type of boxes is that they have the dividers. It makes sense for some people to have separate tabs for photos.

It will help if you have a larger family archive of pictures. Not necessarily the storage but retrieving your exact photo will be a bit easier.

The major disadvantages of such boxes are the price and the fact that they are not spill proof.For this, you will have to go to the plastic containers.

Our choice is not really a box with dividers rather an alternative to this. We think this will be the better alternative, rather than buying a box from an unknown source.

Our choice

Gaylord Family Archives Preservation Kit Check the price on Amazon Now

To explain our choice a bit, we think that this item will suit you very well. The manufacturer is reputable so you know what you are getting. Other items are just changing and changing and a lot of times come from unknown sources.

Plastic containers for photos

I must say I think these will definitely keep your photos safe. Whether from spills or other affecting agents, you can’t keep your photos safer than this.

The box features small dividers inside the container. So it’s always easy to keep track of everything. The small containers for each batch of photos are acid-free.

The negative aspect would be the design This could be a divisive matter. Not everyone likes a plastic box. But we think the design issue is not such a problem considering your photos are totally safe.

Our choice

4″ x 6″ Extra Large Photo and Craft Keeper in Clear Check the price on Amazon now

Photo storage boxes based on size

Size does not matter. But you want to know you won’t order a 4×6 photo holder for your 5×7 photos. This can be a problem from time to time. It also sometimes helps to buy a larger storage box than your photos.

Photo storage box 5×7

This is one of the two standard sizes for photographs. Usually, these are either landscapes or just photos which have to be bigger for details to be clear. Such photos are harder to store usually because of their size.

But there are solutions out there and we show you our choice for this picture size. It is the Small Photo Storage and Craftkeeper from IRIS.

IRIS 5″ x 7″ Small Photo Storage and Embellishment Craft Keeper, 4 Pack, Clear

  • Stores photos of 5×7 or smaller
  • Comes with dividers in each box. Each one should hold around 100 photos.
  • The materials are both ACID and BPA free
  • You can spill water or other liquids and it will protect everything

photo storage box 4×6

This one from Iris is specifically designed for 4×6 photographs. These photos are either portraits or your usual family photos. Either from your children’s events or from your holidays. It is probably the most used size because of the best compromise of size and price.

IRIS Extra Large 4″ x 6″ Extra Large Photo and Craftkeeper

  • Storage of photographs 4×6 or smaller
  • It features separate recipients for each batch of photos. They fit perfectly in the large box
  • The material used for the box is BPA and Acid-free.
  • Again, plastic boxes come with the spill protection characteristic.

Which photo box is the right one for you

Your choice should be based on certain factors. First of all, think about the where you want to keep your photographs. Do you have a box already? Also, think about the size of the photos. Last but not least design aspects still matter so take that into account.

Photo Boxes or envelopes

If you already have a storage box or some kind of box where you want to store photos than you need envelopes. Some people want to keep their favorite box which serves other purposes.

Therefore, we recommend them to buy the protection envelopes before putting photos in their favorite boxes. Others just want to know they’re photos are safe from spills or other hazards.

Recommended Product John Porter Everyday Archives Archival Photo Storage Envelopes, 30 Envelopes

Safest storage box for photographs

It’s no question that plastic photo boxes are the best for the safety of your photos. It will protect your photos if somebody just drops the box accidentally. Also, it will protect them if someone accidentally sits on it. Last but not least, they will be protected from spills or any liquid hazard.

Recommended ProductIRIS 5″ x 7″ Small Photo Storage and Embellishment Craft Keeper, 4 Pack, Clear

More stylish looking photo boxes

Remember, we are still thinking about your pictures safety. With that in mind, we are trying to recommend a box that also looks apart but will still protect your photos. It’s not the most stylish but it will look way better than the plastic boxes.

Recommended ProductGaylord Archival Family Archives Document Preservation Kit

We also feature an interesting article on archival boxes for books. Make sure you check it out, as it will save you a lot of space and decrease chances of the old paper making you sick.

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