Shipping Boxes for Wreaths | Is Cardboard a Solution?

Shipping Boxes For Wreaths - Our choice for shippable wreath boxes

Shipping boxes for wreaths help you safely ship flower arrangements, significantly reducing the risk of damage through transport. Shipping wreaths have always been an issue.

In the past, this was almost impossible. Therefore, you always had to buy them locally or ask for special shipping from the provider. This, in turn, meant you also had to pay a lot, sometimes even more than you did for the service.

With the development of online shopping, corrugated cardboard wreath boxes started catching traction. Nowadays, most providers of wreaths or flower arrangements will offer standard shipping with low shipping costs.

wreath boxes for shipping

A good wreath box for shipping should have a couple of characteristics that facilitate the shipping process.

  • The wreath box should have different shapes and different sizes. Especially for personalized wreaths, a standard shipping box might damage your creation.
  • Besides flat shipping boxes, there are some offering octogonal boxes for wreaths. These, in fact, offer probably the best protection for round wreaths, as it provides them with a storage space adapted for it.
  • Shipping boxes should be built from sturdy cardboard, which can handle most shipping risks.
  • Last but not least, they should not cost a lot. Depending on what you are shipping, always make sure your packaging does not cost more than your shipment itself.

cardboard wreath Shipping boxes

If you are running a wreath business or just want to ship one for whatever reason, you have probably used cardboard boxes for the task.

We have seen cases in which some business have built special wreath boxes for shipping. These boxes are usually built of metal or wood, and provide different storage areas.

This will only happen when a business is supplying arrangements to a larger event, and the wreath business wants to make sure everything is working. But we are sure that 90% of the time, even they work with cardboard boxes.

Our pick:

Small Wreath cardboard box – Check the price on Amazon now

  • It can store items up to 20 x 20 x 4 inches.
  • The cardboard used is made from recyclable materials. The materials are resistant to most transport shocks.
  • Because the box has a flat shape it fits into shipping requirements for lower costs.

Large Shipping Box for Wreaths – Check the Price on Amazon Now

  • It will hold 24 x 24 x 8 inches. This is a good box for a larger arrangement or if you want to store many smaller items in one box.
  • It features the same type of recycled cardboard that will withstand shipping hazards.
  • Because of the flat shape of the box, you can use cheaper shipping options.

wreath storage box

Besides shipping, sometimes you will need boxes to store your wreaths. We know you will probably just fit the Christmas items inside of it, getting them ready for the new year. 

They also feature for businesses that work with these kinds of arrangements. Wedding houses will use them from time to time, or even photographers. They keep different wreaths and use them for photo shoots.

While you can use cardboard for this, we recommend materials that keep dust from settling into wreaths. This is probably the only hazard for an artificial arrangement.

Our choice:

Wreath Storage Bag 36” X 36” X 8” – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • Easily foldable because of the combination of polyester materials
  • It will hold up to 36″ and 8″ in height. Practically it will carry most if not all of your Christmas items.
  • Such a bag is ideal because the plastic and textile material don’t allow for dust to settle in.

Plastic wreath storage box – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • It can hold Wreaths up to 20″ diameter or other objects up to 20 x 19 x 6
  • The box is made of transparent plastic, which makes it easy to identify what is inside. 
  • Because it’s made out of plastic it offers the most protection to your belongings.
  • We like the lid that comes with latches for easy opening.

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