How to go grocery shopping with a baby in a shopping cart in 2018

Shopping Carts for Babies - How to shop with your toddler in 2018

Having trouble finding out how to go grocery shopping with a baby in a shopping cart? You are not the only one. 

The easiest way to go grocery shopping with your baby is by using a shopping cart cover or a baby hammock for shopping carts. These solutions let you seat your infant safely in the shopping while providing great comfort for him in the process. Most babies will fall asleep in them. Plus, the movement of the shopping cart will actually make them fall asleep even faster. 

Don’t believe us? Well, give us some minutes of your time, and we will definitely give you the best solution to go grocery shopping with your baby.

Why buy shopping cart cover or a baby hammock 

First of all, we have to specify from the start that these items are great to use. Doesn’t matter if you are a mom or a dad. Because the general trend has been that women are taking time off to take care of babies, they will be the ones to use such items.

We see that there are generally 2 solutions for a baby carrier: there are cart covers and hammock. The covers will most likely rest in the upper part of the shopping cart, while the hammock will rest between rails of the shopping cart.

They will easily substitute a predesigned seat in the cart. Remember, most stores don’t feature carts with infant seats.

Baby shopping cart hammock

As mentioned, the baby hammock provides a natural resting layout for the baby while you do your shopping. I am sure you’ve been there, where your shopping trips are cut short because you get tired of walking the shopping lanes with an unhappy infant.

Even worse, maybe one time you had nowhere to put the baby. Or maybe the grocery cart was just dirty. Those days are gone now. The shopping cart hammock is easy to install, it’s not heavy, and you can carry it with you easily.

What we like about these hammocks

  • This item is really useful if you’re a man or a woman. It provides ease of mind while taking your baby to the grocery trip. At some point, your toddler will lose patients. This hammock is great if you want to leave him in a comfortable position for medium to long periods of time.
  • It’s easy to install. Yes, this item installs quicker than anything. You can hold the baby in one arm, and use the other to lay the hammock. Further to the front of the shopping cart for more space, or to the back if your kid is bigger it does not matter. Works like a charm.
  • It will fit most shopping carts. That means, of course, the standard shopping carts you find at Wal-Mart, Target and even the larger ones you will find at Costco. Because it’s a hammock, it adapts to the width of the shopping cart.

What can be improved on these hammocks

  • First of all, we’ve heard some persons complain about the price. Yes, they are around 50 dollars, which might seem a lot. But I guess it will be 50 dollars vs peace and quiet during shopping trips. Just don’t go out one evening and you will save the amount. It’s well worth it.
  • The baby is facing head up. This might be something to take into account on extreme weather days. This includes rainy days, hot summers or freezing winter days. For example, you might leave your toddler exposed while you load things in the trunk. This is something to think about.
  • Sometimes, you will need more space in the shopping cart. So for lots of shipping, you will have to work a bit to find space for both grocery and the baby. But I guess taking the biggest shopping cart will solve this.

Which hammock for babies would we buy

After looking over some of the available products, we would definitely go with the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock. It’s a product that is unique to the market so definitely a good choice.

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • A great way to keep your toddler happy or asleep while you do the shopping.
  • Comes in 5 different choices of color and trim. The full bloom is definitely the stylish choice between the five.
  • Simple installation with straps that secure the baby safely in place.
  • Will work with most shopping carts, even with larger ones.

Shopping cart covers for baby

These covers are a cheaper alternative to baby hammocks. They are made from good materials and provide a cushion for your baby. Still, you won’t be able to fit them in every shopping carts.

While most shopping malls or your favorite grocery store may feature trolleys with storage space on top, some won’t. If you don’t have that space on top of the trolley, you will have to use the cover inside, which will be a bit difficult.

What we like about cart covers for babies

  • The price. It is cheaper than the hammock, so you might get two of them for not much more than a hammock.
  • They feel a bit more natural to use. Being an old-fashioned approach to keeping your baby during shopping trips, users will get around it much quicker.
  • We love the pockets that can easily hold a sippy cup and a water bottle for example. Having storage space is always a good thing.
  • There is also a place to hold your phone or even tablet. That pocket sits at an angle, making it easy for you to slide it in, and at the same time, making it difficult to fall out.
  • It works for Costco and Target shopping carts, and some claim to have used it at Safeway. I guess it all depends how often shopping malls change shopping carts.

What we would like to see improved

  • Some have claimed that it does not provide a good enough cushion at the back. I guess that also depends on which shopping cart you are installing it. You could actually strap something there to provide extra cushion.
  • While it may seem versatile, there aren’t that many places where you can use it except shopping carts. But I guess that the hammock has the same issue.
  • Try and use a gentle washing program. I’ve heard some people complaining that it fell apart after washing. If you stick to the lightest washing, we think you will be safe.
  • The material might make strange noises if your child moves a lot. I guess this will happen with any product so I will leave you to decide on this.

Which shopping cart cover we like

We went for the 2 in 1 cart cover as we really like the cute design and lovely colors. The material also feels nice and we can even use it for high chairs.

You could actually use it in a car, but I would not recommend it, as child seats exist for a reason and you should always use them for your baby.

2 in 1 Large Baby shopping cart cover – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • It’s made entirely out of cotton. This means it will feel nice to touch and will provide better comfort for babies and toddlers.
  • You can use it as a shopping cart cover or for a high chair. Being a large model, you need a relatively large high chair.
  • It has a cover which when folded can be used as a storage space.
  • 2 storage pockets plus an extra space for your tablet or smartphone.

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