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Carts for folding chairs

A folding chair cart is a great tool to have around for intensive event centers or banquet halls. Stacking chair carts let you move around quickly when you have to load or unload the folding seats.

A mobile folding chair cart is definitely the way to go as we have mentioned. Static folding chair carts can also be of help, but when you have them on wheels you can move them around while you are unloading the seats.

What is a folding chair cart

  • These chair carts look more or less like your average dolly. But the sizes and shapes in which they come, make them well suited for stacking chairs.
  • Ideally, it should be a metal folding chair cart. This will have to last a while so metal is definitely a much better material. Although if you are not moving them around too much, wood should work just fine. This of course if the weight of the chairs is not very high. 
  • Folding chair racks do about the same job as the folding chair dollies, except that the way you load them is different.
  • For example, some use a combination of rolling carts for transport and folding chair racks for actual storage. In other cases, where they have fewer chairs, they sometimes use the dollies for storage purposes also.

Folding chair dolly

The folding chair dolly helps you move foldable chairs around. It is used for moving chairs in a church, conference room or banquet halls. Just about any place where you have foldable chairs which need loading and unloading frequently, such a dolly is more than welcome.

Carts for folding chairs - Folding chair carts
Folding chair carts
  • Make sure the one you buy is a rolling folding chair cart. If it’s static it will be difficult to move it around and if you do, it will have to be lightly loaded. It would also need 2 people to operate.
  • Sturdy metal materials are the way to go. This is a heavy duty job and occurs quite frequently. You don’t want to waste time always repairing the cart. So go for one that will resist in time.
  • Always analyze the size of the chairs and the dolly. If you buy the chairs and dolly together this will be much easier. If not, just measure the chairs before the actual purchase.
  • Measure and calculate before the purchase what is the best way to store your chairs. Even though some carts will be smaller, it will maybe allow you to store more chairs if you do it horizontally for example.

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Folding chair rack

The difference between a cart for folding chairs and a rack is that presumably the first one carries them and the second one stores them. 

Although they used to be static, folding chair rolling racks are catching traction more and more. As with dollies, they are used in places where folding chairs or tables is done a frequent basis.

Carts for folding chairs - Folding chair racks
Folding chair racks
  • Usually, such a rack is static. But, as mentioned, rolling racks are catching traction.If you don’t have many chairs a rolling rack will work just fine.
  • Static racks can usually hold a larger weight than rolling ones. Generally, you should calculate the total load that the rack has to support. After that decide if you need a static or a rolling one will work just fine.
  • Before the purchase, you should see what is the size of your chairs and what is the size that the rack can successfully hold.
  • Also, please take into account how many chairs one rack can hold. It may be that a rack twice as expensive, hold 3 times more chairs. The price per chair should be what counts, not necessarily the total price.
  • Always check the design of the holding mechanism. Make sure this design fits with your chairs successfully. Otherwise, the storage rack will be useless.

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Where you should use carts for folding chairs

The short answer will be where folding chairs are used. The long answer is a bit more complex. We think it will also show you some areas where you maybe didn’t think they were in use.

  • Folding chair factories are the major users of carts for stackable chairs. If you think of a place where you constantly need to load and unload chairs, this is probably it.
  • Hotels and accommodation buildings are other major users of folding chair racks and carts. Most of these businesses have large event areas, where chairs are brought in and taken out constantly.
  • Congress and convention centers can be independent or in hotels. Just as with accommodation buildings, the procedure requires quick transport and stacking of chairs.
  • Churches and areas of pray need quick hosting of hundreds of people every weekend. Therefore, preparation for this can’t take a lot of time. To save time, every tool you will use has to provide efficiency.
  • Some public areas require quick conversion for different events. Therefore, to efficiently unload the seating area, you need to dispatch such trolleys.

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